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DREAMZ UNLIMITED… The Company was founded in the year 2004 on one fine day called October 10. The nomenclature is based on the undying spirit of its members. Since then the Company has been striving hard to keep the customers completely and completely satisfied. The continuous support and push from the clients have made the company to register astronomical growth year after year. This also resulted in DREAMZUnlimited getting qualified for Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) consistently since 2006. This places DREAMZUnlimited… in the Top 5% of the World’s Insurance Advisors.

Our other accreditations include:
i. Associate Financial Planner: Risk Management & Insurance Planning
ii. Associate Financial Planner: Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits
iii. Associate Financial Planner: Investment Planning
iv. Associate Financial Planner: Tax Planning & Estate Planning
v. AMFI Certified Mutual Fund Distributor
vii. Chairman’s Club Member: L.I.C of INDIA
viii. Chief Life Insurance Advisor & Empowered Agent: L.I.C of INDIA

Though started as a Life Insurance Agency with the most trusted service brand of the nation – L.I.C OF INDIA, DREAMZUnlimited has by now spread its wings to Mutual Funds covering all Asset Management Companies and Health Insurance with Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Ltd.

We are grateful to all our Clients who had been providing continuous support since our early days and promise them once again a superior quality of service and an unconditional love in the decades to follow. There is a general saying “Emotions have no place in business” – but we believe “we are in this business for emotional reasons”. We celebrate this business of life .

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